Lifeboat Crew Exchange 2017 - Survey

Dear Crew Member,

We hope that your experience with the IMRF Lifeboat Crew Exchange 2017 was valuable and enjoyable.

Please fill in and submit the survey below and let us know your thoughts and opinions, so we can keep on improving our projects and services.

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How would you rate the 2017 European Life Boat Crew Exchange?
As a “maritime SAR training experience” the European Crew Exchange was:
As a networking experience the European Crew Exchange was:

Thank you for taking the time to complete the Lifeboat Crew Exchange Programme 2017 Survey. The IMRF hopes the experience you had with the Crew Exchange was valuable and enjoyable.

Your details will not be sold, or given to third parties. If you have any queries regarding this survey or the Lifeboat Crew Exchange, please contact us at

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The IMRF European Lifeboat Crew Exchange Programme is delivered with the support of the Erasmus +, a European Union Life Long Learning Programme.


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