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The Icelandic Association for Search and Rescue (ICE-SAR) hosted in 2016 for Crewmembers from Germany, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, France, The Netherlands, and Estonia. To view more photos, watch videos and read the posts, please visit the IMRF Exchange Facebook Page.

Lifeboat Crew Exchange - 2016



Peter Messchendorp - 2016

Videos by Peter Messchendorp from the Netherlands

'A Fantastic Drive through Iceland'   'There are Wales Here!'
'Boat on the Water'    

Lifeboat Crew Exchange - 2015


Pálmi Benediktsson - 2015

Photos by Pálmi Benediktsson

Lifeboat Crew Exchange - 2014


Søren Christian Vibæk Larsen - 2014

Photos by Søren Christian Vibæk Larsen

More photos can be viewed on IMRF Exchange Facebook page.

Lifeboat Crew Exchange - 2013



Chris Cathcart - 2013

Videos by Chris Cathcart


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The IMRF European Lifeboat Crew Exchange Programme is delivered with the support of the Erasmus +, a European Union Life Long Learning Programme.


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